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Migrating from Craft CMS to WordPress

In this post we explore the various steps involved in migrating a site from Craft CMS to WordPress. The design of the site remains exactly the same while the underlying CMS is migrated.
Overall Site Settings

First we migrated the site settings. General contains details such as sitename and logo. Routes is a listing of all redirects. Users also contains passwords and associated roles. 

Craft Settings
WordPress Settings

The first step is to replicate all the custom fields and groupings that have been created in Craft. We used the WordPress Custom Post Type (CPT UI) plugin to create custom fields and groupings. Then we replicated all the fields manually.

Craft Fields
WordPress Fields

The next step is to replicate the actual content. Unfortunately, this is a relatively time-intensive task. We looked at programmatic ways to extract and import data. However, they were more trouble than they were worth. 

Craft Content
WordPress Content

Migrating the assets was relatively easy. All we had to do was to copy the folders and import them into WordPress. Of course, the folder structure had to be replicated manually. 

Craft Assets
WordPress Assets

Then we migrated all the taxonomy of categories and tags. 

Craft Taxonomy
WordPress Taxonomy

Finally we replicated all the navigation menus. 

Craft Menus
WordPress Menus

After the content was migrated, the final step was to rebuild all the templates that power the various pages of the site. Although both Craft and WordPress are PHP powered sites, there was no easy way to reuse the templates. Craft uses a Twig templating engine while WordPress doesn’t. This is a fundamental difference and we had no choice but to rebuild all the templates. 

Craft Templates
WordPress Templates
Other Activities

This post covers only the development-oriented aspects of such a migration. There are a ton of other activities that involve:

  • SEO
  • Tag Management
  • Analytics
  • Advertising
  • DevOps

If you are interested to learn more about these activities you can go here

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Vinod Pabba

Vinod Pabba

Vinod is the Founder and CEO of Exemplifi. He is a graduate of Stanford University’s Engineering program and a successful entrepreneur having built and exited businesses in the past. He started Exemplifi with a singular focus on building websites that deliver to the complex marketing and technology needs of mid- and large- sized enterprises. He has built a team that understands the latest in web standards, has breadth and depth in several enterprise class CMS products, and can build dynamic websites that respond to user personas and various stages of the customer journeys. Vinod has two decades of digital transformation experience and has led several large site builds for enterprises globally. He is adept at delivering in an agile, multi-disciplinary and globally distributed manner.
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